Memorial Tree Bench

I was commissioned to add a lettered inscription to a memorial tree bench at St. Augustine’s Church in Edgbaston, Birmingham.

The Teak bench surrounds a Holly tree in the graveyard and it is made up of six sections. The first challenge was to find a satisfactory way to divide up the inscription into six equal lines and then make each part fit comfortably onto its section.

The second challenge was in the actual cutting of the letters. Normally in wood I would like to work on the flat and am able to walk round the piece to make the cuts in the correct direction in relation to the grain. Obviously this wasn’t possible with this commission which led to many interesting cutting positions. (see photos below)  Luckily the Teak was very nice to cut, hard but smooth, resulting in lovely crisp letters.


benchdrawingbenchcutting2   benchcutting3benchfixed

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