Hand carved memorials are a beautiful way to commemorate the life of a loved one. Designing and cutting by hand produces a unique memorial capable of reflecting something of the person to be remembered.
I enjoy working with native British stone, of which we are blessed with great variety suitable for hand-cut lettering. From the dark impervious slates of the West coast through the grit stones such as York Stone to the lighter, softer limestones of the South coast.
Welsh slate can take the finest of lettering and is especially suitable for flourished letters, it is also very resistant to weathering. Green Slate from Cumbria is also very hard wearing but has a more patterned and varied appearance compared with the Welsh.
Limestones such as Portland Stone weather and change with their environment, and should be cut with deep and strong lettering to last.
Graveyards and cemeteries each have their own rules and regulations in relation to size and shape of memorials. But there are still great possibilities to make something beautiful and personal within these restrictions. As this can seem complex I am happy to communicate
with the necessary authorities and obtain permits on your behalf.

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